Before You Arrive

Consent for Treatment

You, or a responsible person authorized to sign for you, will sign consent or release forms during your hospital stay. These forms allow hospital personnel to administer medications and treatment, to perform physician-ordered procedures, and to release your records to your insurance company.

Smoking Policy

For everyone’s health safety and well-being, smoking is prohibited in all buildings and areas of the hospital for patients, visitors, employees, and physicians. Carrying lighted smoking materials is also prohibited. No smoking materials should be left at bedside, in order to prevent accidental use.


Parking for patients and visitors is available immediately in front of the hospital.  

Patient Surveys

SRMC constantly seeks to improve patient services. In an effort to provide the best medical care possible, various department managers will randomly visit patients while in house. In addition, we also use telephone surveys to obtain feedback from our patients about their stay. After your discharge from our facility, you may be selected and called to answer questions regarding your hospital experience. Your open and honest comments and suggestions are appreciated. They are instrumental in assisting us to improve the care we provide to our patients.

Personal Belongings/Valuables

All jewelry and other valuables, including money, credit cards, and personal checks, should be left at home or sent home. The hospital does not accept responsibility for the loss of personal belongings or cash.